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Vaginal self test pH-Control

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Lactic acid bacteria

In a healthy vagina, natural lactic acid bacteria dominate the milieu to make the environment acidic. An acidic environment that has a low pH is paramount for a healthy vagina. An unbalanced vaginal pH can be a contributing factor to vaginal discomfort.


With ellen® pH-control for home testing, you can quickly and easily control your vaginal pH, for example after a treatment in the vagina. The self-test takes about 10 seconds and is hygienic and pain-free.


Normal vaginal flora varies slightly from person to person, and even in the same woman, for example during her menstrual cycle. If you experience vaginal irritation, pH-Control can show if your vaginal pH has changed.

Many factors can temporarily affect the result and a change does not necessarily indicate a disease or illness. You will find more information about this in the enclosed folder.

ellen® pH-kontroll

ellen® pH-Control

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