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Self test pH-Control

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Balanced pH for Good Vaginal Health

A healthy vagina contains over 100 million natural lactic acid bacteria that keep pH levels down. A low pH environment protects your vagina against many different infections. However, antibiotic treatments, fluctuating hormones, stress and excessive washing are just a few of the things that can disturb your pH balance.

Measure Your Vaginal pH at Home

Ellen pH-Control can be used at home whenever you suspect an imbalanced pH, taking antibiotics or if you have recurring problems with yeast infections, bad odours or bacterial infections – and if you want to prevent new inconveniences. The result of the test is visible after 10 seconds, and the test is hygienic and totally painless.

A Balanced pH is an Important Health Factor

Problems with your vaginal health should not get in the way of your life. A life lived without conditions such as itching or unpleasant odours lets you live your life on your own terms.

During menopause and especially during menstruation it is extra easy to suffer from bacterial or fungal infections. The reason is that hormone changes interferes with the pH balance. To lower the risk for problems, you can use Ellen’s probiotic tampons while menstruating and Ellen’s intimate cream other times.

A Healthy Pregnancy with Correct pH

Approximately 15–20% of all pregnant women are diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis (BV), which is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina due to an elevated vaginal pH. BV increases the risk of premature childbirth, inflammation or ruptures in the foetal membrane, fever at childbirth or bacterial infection in the foetus.

Regularly measuring your vaginal pH means that you can get help early in case of an imbalance, and thereby reduce the risk of infection and premature birth.

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