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Intimate Wash

Intimate Wash that Promotes a Healthy pH Balance

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An Intimate Wash that Will Not Cause Dryness

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam contains natural and gentle ingredients that promote the natural protective barrier of the skin and mucous membranes. Regular soap, shower gel or body wash may contribute to vaginal/genital dryness and irritation. LN Intimate Cleansing Foam is developed for sensitive skin, contains no fragrance and can be used every day.

contains sage oil that moisturises and nourishes your skin’s natural protective barrier. The foam provides the appropriate amount of product, decreases spill and overdosing. The foam rinses off easier than regular soap, shower gel or body wash.

Lactic Acid for a Healthy pH

LN intimate wash contains lactic acid that lowers the pH level and helps protect against unpleasant odours, dry vaginal mucous membranes, and bacterial or fungal growth.

Use LN Intimate Cleansing Foam instead of regular soap, shower gel or body wash if your bikini area is dry or irritated – or proactively against yeast infections and unpleasant odours.


Doubles as a Shaving Foam

Our intimate washing foam can also be used as shaving foam for your extended bikini area and is ideal if you have sensitive skin. The foam is gentler than regular shaving foam which often contains fragrances. Use LN After Shave & Wax Gel after hair removal.


100% Natural Ingredients

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam contains only natural and eco-friendly ingredients that are gentle on your skin and mucous membranes. Sage oil and lactic acid moisturise and promote a healthy vaginal pH level. Does not contain parabens  and fragrances.

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam

(150 ml)

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