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Gentle and Nurturing Intimate Deo

Grafiskt element

Odour Protection / Blocks Odour

Your groin and genital area are home to thousands of sweat glands, so it is perfectly natural to sweat.  If the odour your body produces when you sweat bothers you or makes you uncomfortable, there is help!  LN Intimate Deo contains sage oil which has both vaginal odour-blocking and anti-inflammatory functions. Ellen Intimate Deo has been tested by dermatologists and is safe for use on the skin in your intimate area. Avoid regular deodorants that may cause dryness and irritation to skin and mucous membranes and increase the risk of fungal or bacterial infection.

Gentle and Nurturing

LN Intimate Deo contains anti-inflammatory sage oil and aims to keep the skin and mucous membranes soft and supple. Lactic acid promotes a good pH balance and a healthy bacterial flora to reduce the risk of yeast infections, growth of infectious bacteria, dry mucous membranes and irritation.

Dermatologically Tested

LN Intimate Deo is dermatologically tested on humans and is developed to be gentle on the skin in your bikini area. It is free from aluminium, parabens and fragrance.


Lactic Acid for Better pH Balance

Ellen Intimate Deo contains lactic acid that lowers the pH level and promotes a healthy bacterial flora with less risk of odours, bacterial or fungal growth.

LN Intimate Deo

LN Intimate Deo

(50 ml)

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