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The Vulva

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Get to know your body

A good way to get to know your body is to also explore your vulva.
The female genital has folds and is developed inwards, so it is a good idea to use a mirror and your fingers to feel your way around.
Your vagina is unique to you and has its own individual color and shape, which is why you should never compare yourself to others.

Mons Pubis

Mons pubis looks like a soft mound below the stomach.

It can vary from woman to woman how prominent mons pubis one have and it is unique, just like the vagina.

Labia Majora

The outer labia, which frame the vagina, form part of the external genital organs, or vulva. They consist of  fatty tissue that swells during arousal.

Labia Minora

If you separate the labia majora you find the inner labia , which consist of skin and folds of mucous membranes.

They contain tissue that swells during arousal and sebaceous glands that produce a softening fat around the vagina.

The appearance of the labia minora varies from woman to woman and can also vary in the same woman.

One lip can be larger than the other and the inner labia can also be visible outside the outer labia, which is normal.


The inner labia meet up at the clitoris and form the so-called clitoral hood.

The visible part of the clitoris feels and looks like a little button.

Did you know that…

The clitoris is approximately 10 cm long ?

Underneath the skin, the clitoris has a shaft that splits into two legs, known as clitoral crura, which stretch along either side of the urethra and the vaginal opening.


This part of the body has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the body and the only function of the clitoris, as far as is known, is to give pleasure.

When the clitoris or surrounding area is touched, many women feel they are can reach an orgasm.

The nerve endings make this a sensitive area, so try to use a light touch when touching a partner. If you are receiving clitoral stimulation, you can press down with your hand or fingers to show how gently or hard you want to be touched to feel pleasure.

The hymen – a myth

Right by the vagina opening, where the vulva turn into the vagina, the skin is slightly folded.

It was previous belief that there was an extra flap of skin at the opening to the vagina, known as the hymen, that tore when a woman had sexual intercourse for the first time, or during certain forms of exercise. Today we know that the hymen is a myth.

A woman does not always bleed the first time she has her first intercourse and if she does, it is not due to the tearing of an extra fold of skin because she is a virgin. It is not possible to tell if a woman is a virgin.

Today we call the small, natural skin folds the vaginal corona and the appearance of the folds varies from woman to woman.



The vagina is the canal between the vaginal opening and the cervix.

It is approximately 10 cm long and can expand and become longer due to arousal or when giving birth.

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A few centimeters into the vagina, in the front vaginal wall towards the stomach, there is an area that can trigger a pleasurable sensation in women when stimulated.

This is the area where you find the internal parts of the clitoris, which is why this area can provide sexual pleasure.