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The Vagina

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The opening  of the womb

If you insert a finger into the vagina, you can feel the beginning of the womb. It has a small hole where the menstrual fluid comes out and that expands upon childbirth.

A tampon cannot disappear inside the body. The hole is too small for that.

The womb

The cervix consists of glands that produce discharge and it is thanks to the discharge that the vagina is clean, moist and has an acidic environment.

The cervix ends into the uterus, which is a cavity approximately the size of a chicken egg1.

Fallopian tubes

On the upper part of the uterus is a tube on each side, which is the fallopian tubes. They each form an oval and at the end of the other side they meet the ovaries.


The ovaries are two to three centimeters in size and this is where the ovulation takes place. Ovulation is when an ovarian follicle

burst in the ovaries and the mature egg slides down into the fallopian tube, where it can be fertilized2.