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The Self-Care Guide

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Balance is important for the well being but also for your period and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of our basic needs.

Eat regularly and help your body maintain a balanced energy level, which will enable you to do more things. A snack in the afternoon also gives you a nice energy boost.


To keep going, both your body and brain need time to recover. Sometimes you can’t get the sleep you want. When you have toddlers, it can be difficult to manage your sleep and during the menopause you may suffer from sleep problems.

Try to give yourself the best chance to get the sleep you need.

Mobile phone

Leave your mobile phone outside of the bedroom. If you use your mobile phone as an alarm clock, it might be wise to invest in a proper alarm clock.

A power nap at the weekend can be nice if you have a lot of activities planned for the evening.


A certain amount of stress can be healthy, but many find it difficult to balance the stress level between work and the private life.

Give yourself the courage to say no and ask for help if there is too much at work.

It is important that you get support if you feel that you are suffering from work overload. You are not failing at work because you can’t manage the overload. Projects and tasks can be larger in scope than initially anticipated, and it is good to highlight that, a review of the workload might be needed.

Your value

Be your own best friend.

If you don’t think you’re enough, think of yourself as a child or imagine you are talking to a friend – would you have told them the same things you are currently saying to yourself?