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The Menopause

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The menopause is a natural part of life but can still be a stressful time.

The menopause affects each individual differently. Some women don’t notice any major changes, while others feel very bad.

A new phase

The body enters a new phase that you perhaps don’t know much about. Speak to friends about how you feel, they may be going through something similar?

If you experience problems that affects your daily life and have questions or concerns, speak to a gynecologist so that you can get help.

Things you can do yourself

Ellen’s Menopause Guide gives you some hints and tips for your well being.
Sometimes you may need to speak to someone. Depression is common during the menopause, since the hormones, body and way of life may be changing.

Receive tools

You may need some to guidelines get some tools to help you understand how to deal with the changes in your life. There is currently very little information available about the menopause and it can be difficult to know how to deal with the symptoms, therefore it is good to maintain a dialogue with your gynecologist and to the people around you.

The second spring

In China, the menopause is known as “the second spring”. A new chapter in life that can also lead to fantastic things, perhaps allowing letting you to discover new interests and having the courage to try new things?