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Swim during periods

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Swim during periods

You should not have to live a limited life because you are menstruating. If you have also just had your first period, you may feel insecure and have not yet found your intimate care routine and the menstrual protection you are comfortable with.

It is possible to swim when you are on your period and there are good menstrual protection options you can use while swimming.

Swim with tampon during periods

Tampons are a flexible menstrual protection when you go swimming during your period.

There are still a couple of things you need to take into account when swimming with a tampon.

Do you need to change the tampon more often?

You do not need to change the tampon after each time you get out of the water, if you know that you will swim several times at the specific occasion.

The tampon can absorb some of the water and get soaked faster. Because the water can contain bacteria it is important that you change the tampon regularly and do not let a wet tampon sit inside for 8 hours.

You may therefore need to adapt to a tampon with less absorption capacity, so as not to dry out the mucous membranes in the vagina.


When to change a tampon?

It is important to change the tampon when you have finished swimming because some of the water may have been absorbed into the tampon, which may contain some bacteria.

The intimate area may be more sensitive during the period to infections, e.g. because menstrual fluid can contribute to an increased vaginal pH value and the growth of unwanted bacteria – which thrive at higher pH levels – can benefit during menstruation.

Many women therefore experience imbalance and discomfort in connection with menstruation. Therefore, take extra care of your vagina and vulva when you have your period.

ellen® Sport Tampon / Aqua Block

Some women have problems with water coming up into the vagina during swimming and bathing.

Contaminated or chlorinated water can disrupt the natural intimate balance and vaginal pH value, but you should not have to refrain from swimming because you are on your period.

ellen® Sport Tampon / Aqua Block are designed for women who want safe menstrual protection in connection with swimming and other sports activities.

How does it work?

A waterproof (hydrophobic) barrier has been added to the underside of the tampon (by the string) to prevent contaminated or chlorinated water from entering the vagina.

The size is like a tampon normal and absorbs like a tampon of size mini (2 drops), so as not to dry out the mucous membrane during short-term use. After swimming, change to the ellen® Probiotic Tampon.