Intimate area sweating

Why you sweat in your intimate area

We all have sweat glands in the groin area and, just like we sweat under our armpits, we also sweat in the area around our vagina. This sweat can produce an odour that makes us feel self-conscious and negatively affect our self-confidence in many situations. Genital sweating is completely normal and healthy, but it may make you feel uneasy. Most of us have heard the term ‘crotch sweat’, and the fact is that both men and women sweat between their legs.

When you sweat between your legs

Our bodies produce sweat between our legs for many reasons. Generally speaking, some people sweat more or less than others, but factors like whether you do sports, exercise a lot (like walking or biking to and from work) and outdoor temperatures also affect how much you sweat. Use products that help you to feel clean all day long and that neutralise unpleasant vaginal odours. There are many ways to keep sweating at bay and keep you feeling fresh. Use an intimate deodorant and think about what you  are wearing. Loose-fitting clothes and cotton underwear are best for your pubic area and help to reduce sweating.

Fresh intimate scent

It is perfectly natural to sweat, but many want to feel fresh and clean in their genital area. This is a sensitive part of your body, which is why it is important to use the right kind of nurturing hygiene products. Ellen’s products are made using natural ingredients, designed to be gentle and to promote your intimate hygiene. Start by using an intimate foam cleanser during your morning shower for a fresh start to your day. Ellen’s products are natural and contain no unnecessary additives such as fragrances, preservatives or hormones.

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