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ellen® pH-Control

Self-test to conveniently check your vaginal pH at home

  • Measure your vaginal pH quickly and easily from the convenience of your home
  • Reliable, hygienic and painless self-test
  • Results in just 10 seconds
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ellen® pH-Control contains a substrate that changes colour based on the pH value of the sample. By comparing the colour on the test strip with the colour scale on the box, you can easily determine your vaginal pH.

A convenient and painless test for use at home:

  • Place a test strip in the holder
  • Insert the test strip and hold it in place for 10 seconds
  • Compare the result against the colour scale on the box

Use the test once or twice weekly.

Every box contains five test strips, one holder for sampling and instructions on how to perform the test and read the results.

Check your vaginal pH quickly and easily

Lactic acid bacteria

In a healthy vagina, natural lactic acid bacteria dominate the milieu to make the environment acidic. ellen® pH-Control is a convenient home test to quickly check your vaginal pH.

When to Use ellen® pH-Control

Normal vaginal flora varies slightly from person to person and even in the same woman, for example, during her menstrual cycle.  If you are experiencing vaginal irritation, pH-Control can reveal a change in your vaginal pH.

Always contact your gynecologist or physician if you are experiencing any vaginal changes or discomfort.