Ellen pH-Control

(5 st)

Self-test, easily check your vaginal pH at home
  • Measure your vaginal pH level at home, quickly & easily
  • Reliable, hygienic and painless
  • Results after just 10 seconds
  • Use if you experienence irritation in the vagina, due to high PH level
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Ellen pH-Control contains a substrate that changes colour based on the pH value of the sample. By comparing the colour to a scale, you can easily determine your vaginal pH value.

Using Ellen pH-Control is easy and painless:

  • Place a test strip in the holder
  • Insert the test strip into your vagina and hold it in place for 10 seconds
  • Compare the result against the colour scale on the box

Use the test once or twice weekly. If you detect an elevated pH value, we recommend that you use Ellen’s probiotic tampons and Ellen Probiotic Intimate Cream to restore your vaginal pH balance. If you are pregnant and detect an elevated vaginal pH value, contact your midwife or doctor for an extra check-up.

Every box contains five testing strips, one holder for sampling and instructions for performing the test and reading the result.

Check Your Vaginal pH Level Quickly and Easily

A Balanced pH is an Important Health Factor

A healthy vagina contains over 100 million natural lactic acid bacteria that promote an acidic, low pH environment. An acidic vaginal environment protects against many different infections since harmful bacteria (bacterial vaginosis) and fungi (yeast) need a basic environment to thrive. Unfortunately, many factors can disturb your natural pH balance;antibiotic treatments, contraceptives, stress, excessive washing or pubic hair removal.

Ellen pH-Control offers an easy way to measure your vaginal pH to see if you need to use Ellens probiotic tampons or probiotic intimate cream.

When to Use Ellen pH-Control


  • Use Ellen pH-Control when it’s important you know your vaginal pH
  • In case of experienenced irritation in the vagina, due to high PH level
  • After antibiotic treatment
  • To reduce the risk of related conditions
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • When you have a new sexual partner
  • If you experience smelly discharge, itching or a burning sensation in your genital area
  • Before or after surgery or other vaginal procedures