Ellen Probiotic Tampon – Super

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The tampon that contributes to reduced risk of infections
  • ellen® tampones are a high quality female protection, enriched with probiotics
  • Designed to lower the risk of infections
  • Helps reduce unpleasant odour caused by imbalanced vaginal flora or increased pH level
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Using natural lactic acid bacteria promotes a healthy vagina and can help you with common vaginal problems such as itching, burning sensations and unpleasant odours. Ellen’s probiotic tampons contain three patented strains of bacteria that stabilise your pH level and ensure a healthy vaginal flora. This lowers the risk of irritation and smelly discharge. Ellen’s tampons provide excellent sanitary protection – with an added benefit.

If you suspect an infection in your vagina , you should always contact a gynecologist or a doctor.


For best effect, use probiotic tampons at least:

  • three times a day
  • three days in a row
  • three menstrual cycles in a row

Leave the tampon in for at least two hours each time, but never for more than eight hours.

Insert and remove the probiotic tampon just as you would any other tampon.

The Tampon that is Good for Your Vaginal Health

Lactic acid bacteria protect against infections

A healthy vagina contains over 100 million natural lactic acid bacteria that keep pH levels down. While low pH levels protect against many different infections, your vagina’s pH balance can be disturbed by antibiotic treatments, fluctuating hormones, contraceptives, stress, excessive washing and more.

Our probiotic tampons provide an extra supply of lactic acid bacteria from three different patented strains. When the tampon becomes moist the lactic acid bacteria are released and transported into the vagina where they contribute to a good pH balance and a healthy bacterial flora.

Helps Reduce Discomfort and Malodour

Almost every woman will at some point experience a burning sensation, itching or unpleasant odour from her vagina or genital area. Yeast infections is a common source to discomfort. Ten to twenty per cent of women will develop bacterial vaginosis. Most often, the main symptoms are itching, a burning sensation and malodour. The condition occurs when healthy lactic acid bacteria are replaced by infectious bacteria.

Both yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis can be prevented with an extra supply of healthy lactic acid bacteria through, for example, using probiotic tampons.

How to Use the Probiotic Tampon

Use Ellen Probiotic Tampon in the same manner as you would regular tampons. Leave the tampon in for at least two hours, but never more than eight hours (see information about TSS). Change the tampon when it has become saturated. Choose a tampon size that is appropriate for how much you bleed.

For best effect, use probiotic tampons at least three times a day, three days in a row and three menstrual cycles in a row. Use probiotic tampons as much as you want during your period. Your body will only use as much lactic acid bacteria as is needed.