ellen® Probiotic Tampon – Mini

The tampon for a good intimate health.

  • ellen® is a high-quality menstrual product enriched with probiotics
  • Maintain a good bacterial flora
  • Maintain a normal vaginal pH value
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ellen® Probiotic Tampon helps to maintain the vaginal pH value. The tampons are a safe and convenient menstrual product with an extra feature – natural lactic acid bacteria that are normally found in healthy women’s vagina.

Always contact a gynecologist or physician if you suspect a vaginal infection.

For optimal benefit use at least 3 tampons per day.

Allow the tampon to be inside for for at least two hours, but never more than eight hours.

The probiotic tampon works just like a reglar tampon when you insert it and take it out.

The tampon for a good intimate health

Lactic acid bacteria

In a healthy vagina, natural lactic acid bacteria dominates to make the environment acidic, which helps to maintain the balance of the vagina.

Maintain the vaginal pH

You can help maintain a normal vaginal pH value during your period by adding lactic acid bacteria.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon adds lactic acid bacteria from three different bacterial strains. When the tampon becomes moist, the bacteria are transported into the vagina.




Use ellen® Probiotisk Tampong for at least two hours, but never more than eight hours (read more about TSS). Always change tampon when it is saturated and choose a size that is appropriate for how much you bleed.

For optimal benefit, use at least three tampons per day.

You can use ellen® Probiotic Tampon as frequently as you like during your period. The body will only absorb as much lactic acid bacteria as it needs.