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What are probiotics?

Probiotics mean living bacterial cultures. The word probiotics means “for life”. Probiotics are abundant in milk products, but it does not mean that all milk products contain probiotics, but there are three important requirements that must be met. The first requirement to be met is that the bacterium must be safe from a medical point of view, in addition, it must be able to survive in the sour environment of the stomach while being “useful” to man.

Lactic acid bacteria and probiotics in the abdomen

In a healthy abdomen there are more than 100 million lactic acid bacteria, also called lactobacilli (Lactobacillus species). There are also some other microorganisms – but only in very small quantities. Normal flora varies slightly from person to person and may also vary with the same woman during eg. menstrual cycle.

The vagina has a very special environment. Women of childbearing potential (between puberty and menopause) produce the hormone estrogen, which stimulates the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane to grow thicker (by increasing the number of cells) and increases the secretion of glycogen (some kind of sugar). The glycogen acts as a nutrient for lactic acid bacteria which grows.





When lactic acid bacteria break down glycogen, lactic acid is formed, and the pH (acidity) in the vagina decreases from about 5.5 to 3.6 – 4.2, ie the environment becomes more acidic. The low pH acts as an infection protection, as there are few other bacteria besides lactobacilli that survive in the acidic environment. If the vagina had not been protected, disease-causing bacteria could easily infect the uterus and thus threaten the woman’s health.

The estrogen content of the body is lowest during and around the menstrual period, which means that the natural lactic acid bacteria growth is lower than the growth in the middle of the menstrual cycle. The menstrual fluid also contributes to an increased vaginal pH. This allows the growth of unwanted microorganisms – which are beneficial at higher pH levels – to benefit just during and around the menstrual period. Many women experience trouble and discomfort in the form of bad odor associated with menstruation.

New hygiene habits, types of exercise like spinning and changing sex habits are a few factors that may affect the abdomen. Excessive abdominal hygiene causes many to wash off the natural and protective lactic acid bacteria and the pH can increase. As a result, the sensitive skin in your abdomen becomes dry and fragile, or you feel a burning sensation in your abdomen.

Keep in mind that during an antibiotic treatment against an infection, also the beneficial lactic acid bacteria in the vagina are killed, which may help to change the pH value, then complement the probiotics.

Ellen’s probiotic tampon and intimate cream add useful lactic acid bacteria

By adding probiotics (lactic acid) to your abdomen, you can prevent abdominal problems such as smelly relocations.

The probiotic tampon ellen® is developed to maintain the natural vascular flora during menstruation and help the body maintain a balanced pH level in the abdomen.

ellen® Probiotic Tampong is a product developed for women’s health and is a result of many years of Swedish research in gynecology, microbiology and biochemistry. In 2003, Ellen was the first in the world to offer a tampon with probiotics. Each tampon contains Lacto Naturel (LN), a mixture of lactic acid bacteria from three patented strains: L. fermentum LN99, L. rhamnosus LN113 and L. gasseri LN40. These are naturally found in the healthy women’s abdomen flora.

ellen® Probiotic Value Intimate Cream with lactic acid bacteria is natural intimate care for you with a dry and sensitive abdomen. Ellen’s intimate cream is the result of Swedish research and has been developed specifically to protect and lubricate the sensitive skin and mucous membranes of the outer intimate area. Unlike many other intimate products, ellens intimate cream is based on vegetable fats and oils. In addition, it distinguishes itself with its lactic acid bacteria that help maintain a good bacterial bloom. Ellen intimate cream helps restore the pH balance in the abdomen.

ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Normal

Ellen Probiotic Tampon – Normal

(12 st)

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ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Mini

Ellen Probiotic Tampon – Mini

(14 st)

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ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Super

Ellen Probiotic Tampon – Super

(8 st)

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LN Intimate Deo

LN Intimate Deo

(50 ml)

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Ellen Probiotic Intimate Cream

(15 ml)

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ellen® pH-kontroll

Ellen pH-Control

(5 st)

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LN Intimate Cleansing Foam

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam

(150 ml)

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