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Yes, by introducing probiotics in the vagina you can help to maintain a natural pH level. Ellen’s probiotic tampons initiate probiotics in the vagina.

Lactic acid bacteria, also called lactobacilli (of the Lactobacillus species), are predominant in a healthy vagina. The lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid and balance the vaginal pH level, thereby creating conditions for good vaginal flora. Lactic acid bacteria dominate the vaginal milieu and thereby promotes a balanced, normal flora – paramount for a healthy vagina.

Lacto Naturel (LN®) stands for Ellen’s probiotic bacteria strains and is the active probiotic substance in the ellen® Probiotic Tampon and in the ellen® Probiotic Intimate Créme. Ellen’s probiotic bacteria strains are the common vaginal lactic acid bacteria in healthy fertile women with a balanced vaginal flora. Lacto Naturel (LN®) is a mixture of three probiotic lactic acid bacteria strains: Lactobacillus gasseri LN40, Lactobacillus fermentum LN99 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus LN113.

Yes, probiotics are a good bacterium and lactic acid bacteria are found naturally in the vagina, which provides an acidic environment and is the prerequisite for a healthy vagina. Ellen’s probiotic tampons add lactic acid bacteria during menstruation to maintain a normal pH.

Vaginal pH can vary from woman to woman and depend on her stage of life.

Use ellen® pH-Control for a quick, easy and painless way to measure your vaginal pH.

Insert the test strip into your vagina for 10 seconds, remove it and compare the colour on the strip with the colour chart on the package. Use once or twice a week.

The brochure describes various factors that can temporarily affect the vaginal pH value at the time of the test. If that applies to you, you can wait and take another test the next day.

If you have a changed vaginal pH value, you should contact a gynecologist. Also be aware if you experience any unwinding reads as altered flows.

Probiotic lactic acid bacteria, Lacto Naturel (LN®), are applied at the centre of the tampon. When warm menstruation fluid saturates the tampon, the bacteria are released and spread to the surface of the tampon and to the vagina. Lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid and help to maintain a normal vaginal flora. The natural lactic acid bacteria are self-regulating, making it impossible to overdose.

the ellen® Probiotic Tampon is made of 100% viscose and is none-chlorine bleached. The string is made of 100% cotton and the surface of 100% polypropylene. The viscose fibres have been treated with LN® lactic acid bacteria.

We have chosen the best packaging alternative on the market for our probiotic products. We have about 20 years of experience of intimate health and our products are based on research and tried-and-tested usage.

We have performed stability tests on paper cartons, aluminium bags and plastic vacuum packaging. ellen® Probiotic Tampon contains live lactic acid bacteria. A different type of packaging would negatively impact the shelf life of our tampons and ultimately increase waste.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon should only be used during menstruation, just like a regular tampon. Leave the tampon in place for at least two hours but never more than eight hours. For best results, use Ellen’s probiotic tampon at least three times a day for three days and three consecutive menstrual cycles.

You don’t have to worry about overdosing lactic acid bacteria. Your body absorbs only as much as it needs.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon is available in three sizes, mini, normal and super. How much a woman bleeds during menstruation varies and differs from one woman to another. It is important to choose the right size for your needs. The different sizes have different absorbency capacities and should therefore be used according to the amount of menstrual fluid.

– ellen® Mini: if your menstruation is light

– ellen® Normal: if your menstruation is normal

– ellen® Super: if your menstruation is heavy

Our tampons are a premium product and contain probiotics, so you don’t pay for a regular tampon.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon contains natural lactic acid bacteria, which is normally found in the genital area and helps to keep the environment in the vagina acidic. Ellen’s mixture with lactic acid bacteria (LN®) is pressed into each tampon during the manufacturing process and the probiotic can be seen with the naked eye if you open an ellen® Probiotic Tampon.

The lactic acid bacteria we add are three common bacterial strains found naturally in the vagina and helps preserve the vaginal pH during the period. So an Ellen is so much more than a regular tampon – what you pay for is the probiotic, the tampon you get on the bargain.

ellen® Probiotic Intimate Créme contains lactic acid bacteria and is a natural and gentle intimate créme for women. The intimate créme is developed specifically for the sensitive skin and mucous membranes of the outer intimate area. It is based on vegetable fats and oils and is completely free of hormones, perfume and water.

Apply a pea-sized amount of the intimate cream to the external intimate area, once or twice a day. One tube will last for about 20–30 applications. Always wash your hands before use. You may experience a slight tingling sensation the first few times you use the cream. This will pass with continued use.

Yes, ellen® Probiotic Intimate Créme can safely be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

ellen® Sport tampon with Aqua block has a waterproof barrier at the base of the tampon to prevent contaminated or chlorinated water from leaking into the vagina. It has a low absorbency capacity so as not to dry out the vagina. Remove the sport tampon after your water activities and replace it with a regular tampon from Ellen.

LN Intimate Deo is a vegan and dermatologically tested intimate deodorant for the groin. It has scent neutralizing properties and is without aluminium. Contains Salvia Officinalis Oil, but is without fragrance.

A vagina should smell like a vagina and the intimate scent is unique. Just like under the arms, we have sweat glands in the groin and we are bothered by this differently. LN Intimate Deo is used in the groin – not on the vulva and is a deo with scent neutralizing properties, without fragrance but contains Salvia Officinalis oil.

LN Intimate Deo also contains moisturizing lactic acid and is dermatologically tested.

The purpose of LN Intimate Deo is not to perfume the intimate area and change the scent of the vulva. Our modern lifestyle is often unfavorable to the intimate area with excessive washing that can remove the natural lactic acid bacteria and dry out the intimate area. LN Intimate Deo is a good alternative between the washers for a refreshing feeling.

LN Intimate Deo is good to use during pregnancy, but should not be overused. Remember to use the intimate deo in the groin and not in the genital area.

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam is a vegan and dermatologically tested intimate wash based on gentle ingredients, that gives a clean and fresh feeling in the intimate area.

The intimate wash contains lactic acid with moisturizing properties.

Contains Salvia Officinalis Oil, but is without fragrance.

Yes, LN Itimaet Cleansing Foam gives a nice lather that doubles as the perfect shaving foam for intimate grooming.


LN® Lacto Naturel: The name of a mixture comprised of Ellen’s patented lactic acid bacteria. Ellen’s products are treated with Lacto Naturel.


ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Normal

ellen® Probiotic Tampon – Normal

(12 pcs)

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ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Mini

ellen® Probiotic Tampon – Mini

(14 pcs)

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ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Super

ellen® Probiotic Tampon – Super

(8 pcs)

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LN Intimate Deo

LN Intimate Deo

(50 ml)

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ellen® Sport Tampong / Aqua Block

ellen® Sport Tampong / Aqua Block

(8 pcs)

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ellen® Probiotic Intimate Créme

(15 ml)

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ellen® pH-kontroll

ellen® pH-Control

(5 pcs)

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LN After Shave & Wax Gel

LN After Shave & Wax Gel


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LN Intimate Cleansing Foam

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam

(150 ml)

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