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Lactic Acid Bacteria for Less Risk of irritation and itsching

A healthy vagina contains over 100 million natural lactic acid bacteria that keep the pH level down. A low pH level protects against many different infections, but the vagina’s pH balance can be disturbed by things like antibiotic treatments, hormonal imbalance (especially during menopause), contraceptives, stress or excessive washing.

Our probiotic tampons are treated with three different patented strains to provide an extra supply of lactic acid bacteria during your period when the risk of bacterial growth and yeast infection is greatest. When the tampon becomes moisty the lactic acid bacteria are released and transported into your vagina where they contribute to a good pH balance and a healthy bacterial flora. Select the size that is appropriate for how much you bleed in order to avoid changing the tampon too often. For best effect, leave the tampon in for at least two hours each time.

Helps Reduce Discomfort and Malodour

Almost every woman will at some point experience a burning sensation, itching or unpleasant odour from her vagina or genital area. Bacterial vaginosis affects ten to twenty per cent of women and in most cases itching, a burning sensation and malodour are the main symptoms. The condition occurs when healthy lactic acid bacteria are replaced by infectious bacteria. The risk of infection increases during menopause as hormones fluctuate and disrupts the balance.

Both fungal infection and bacterial vaginosis can be prevented by an extra supply of healthy lactic acid bacteria through using probiotic tampons during your period. Use Ellen Probiotic Intimate Crème for external use as a complement between periods and during and after menopause.


Swimming While Using a Tampon

If you have recurring problems with vaginal irritation and infection, use Ellen Sport Tampons to stop contaminated or chlorinated water from entering the vagina, disturbing the vaginal flora and drying out mucous membranes. Ellen’s sport tampon has a waterproof barrier at the bottom of the tampon where the string is attached to keepchlorinated and contaminated water from leaking in.

Buying Ellen’s Tampons

Ellen Probiotic Tampons and Sport Tampons are available through selected pharmacies and online pharmacies. At the pages that describes the tampons in details you can find a button that makes it easy to find and buy them online.

Ellen’s tampons provides a safe and comfortableprotection and also protect against vaginal problems.

ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Normal

Ellen Probiotic Tampon – Normal

(12 st)

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ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Mini

Ellen Probiotic Tampon – Mini

(14 st)

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ellen® Probiotisk Tampong – Super

Ellen Probiotic Tampon – Super

(8 st)

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ellen® Sport Tampong / Aqua Block

Ellen Sport Tampong / Aqua Block

(8 st)

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