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Ellen’s success rests in part on the company’s ability to secure and maintain patent protection for our technologies, substances and methods – and on whether business can be conducted without infringing on the intellectual property rights patented by another company. We apply for patents on a regular basis in order to protect the substances, technologies and methods that Ellen developss.

The Company’s patent:
•    Patent for two bacteria strains, currently approved in 19 countries.

Patents and licenses

Ellen AB is the legal owner of all patents and patent applications. To ensure the commercial value of the company’s research and development activities, inventions are protected through patents that grant Ellen exclusive rights. These patents can cover everything from new lactic acid bacteria strains, methods, procedures, and clinical applications and equipment or technologies related to company operations should it be deemed relevant and commercially motivated. Patent applications are submitted in countries that carry out advanced probiotic and pharmaceutical research and development, as well as in countries that are major markets for probiotic and pharmaceutical products.

Through active management of our patent portfolio, Ellen endeavors to secure protection of future probiotic innovations and to protect the Company’s combined assets and rights through explicit agreements, strong patents and prudent handling of the knowledge that we publish.