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LN Intimate Care


A vegan intimate care line

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New habits

Discharge is the body’s natural cleansing and protection of the vagina and the lactic acid bacteria in the vagina helps keep intimate environment acidic.

New hygiene habits, such as excessive intimate hygiene, can strain the intimate area and make the vagina dry and sensitive.

Too strong products can push aside the protective lactic acid bacteria, which can be a contributing factor to imbalance and discomfort of the intimate area.

If you want to wash the vulva with more than water, it is important to use intimate-friendly products.

Why LN Intimate Care

That is why there is LN Intimate Care, a vegan intimate care line that is dermatologically tested and fits a modern lifestyle thanks to gentle ingredients.

Take care of your vulva according to the same principle that you take care of your skin.

A gentle intimate wash

If you use an intimate wash, you should preferably use a product that is easy to rinse off, so as not to leave any residue on the skin that can dry out. A foam is airy in texture and easily slides off the skin.

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam is an extra mild and pH-balancing intimate wash with moisturizing lactic acid.

The foam gives a lovely soft and smooth sensation afterwards and can be used advantageously as a gentle shaving foam, like for intimate shaving and can be used on the whole body.

Why an intimate deo?

We have sweat glands in the groin, just like we have under our arms and it is therefore natural to sweat even in the intimate area. We are differently bothered by it, because we are sweating differently.

A “smelly” vulva does not have to come from the vagina either, but can be due to sweat.

Exercise and hot summer days can also make us sweat more than usual. You should preferably not wash the intimate area more than once a day, then an intimate deo can be a good alternative between the washes.

LN Intimate Deo for the groin

LN Intimate Deo is a gentle intimate deo with moisturizing lactic acid.

The intimate deo should not be used on the vulva, but in the groin, the small pit on each side of the vulva.

Intimate shaving

Intimate shaving is a personal choice. It is your body and you decide what you are comfortable with and it is also important that you make the choices for your own sake.

For those who intimate shaves or wax the intimate area, red dots can occur as the hair follicles open. The skin can also be extra sensitive and therefore react more easily.

Therefore, if one intimate shaves, you should use a product that soothes irritated skin and preferably softens the skin.

LN After Shave & Wax Gel

LN After Shave & Wax Gel soothes irritated and sensitive skin with bark extract from Magnolia Grandiflora, which is rich in antioxidants and has anti-bacterial properties. The gel also contains allantoin that moisturizes the skin and 1,5-Pentanediol, which helps the skin maintain its elasticity.

LN After Shave & Wax Gel can be used a few days after shaving to soothe sensitive and irritated skin.