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In Ellen’s Bathroom Cabinet

For your intimate health

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Why an intimate care routine

The vagina is fantastic and did you know that the discharge are the body’s own way of cleaning the vagina?

But balance in the genital area is not a matter of course for all women. Some women never experience imbalance, while others have recurring imbalances and discomfort.

It is therefore important to preserve the lactic acid bacteria in the genital area – the body’s natural protection.

Lactic acid bacteria

By adding natural lactic acid bacteria to the genital area, the good bacteria can survive and multiply.

The lactic acid bacteria make the environment of the vagina acidic and contribute to a low vaginal pH value, which protects the vagina.


What is balance in the genital area?

Balance of the vagina is a fuzzy conception, but the genital area should not hurt, feel dry or you should not experience a burning sensation.

Even if as a woman you have never or rarely experienced imbalance, you should take care of your genital area according to the same principle that you take care of your skin – with care.

It should be self-evident to feel good between the legs.

In Ellen’s bathroom cabinets you get tips for a good intimate health, thanks to a combination of natural lactic acid bacteria and vegan intimate care, which is specifically adapted to the intimate area.

Test the acidity

Lactic acid bacteria makes the environment of the vagina acidic and a healthy genital area has a low pH value. Various factors can affect the vaginal pH value and be a contributing cause of vaginal discomfort.

In bacterial vaginosis, the good lactic acid bacteria have been pushed away or been reduced. In connection with menopause when estrogen levels become low, the genital area may become more susceptible to bacteria.

You can test your vaginal pH value with ellen® pH control, a home test with response within 10 seconds. A safe self-test that one can advantageously use after a treatment of the genital area.

Wash gently

If you want to wash the vulva, the outer intimate area, with more than water, it is important to use gentle products, developed for the intimate area.

LN Intimate Cleansing Foam is a vegan intimate wash with moisturizing lactic acid, that is extra mild and dermatologically tested.

A faithful servant in the bathroom that leaves the skin soft and supple.

Add probiotics with tampons

Menstrual fluid can contribute to an increased vaginal pH value and the growth of unwanted bacteria – which thrives at higher pH levels – can be promoted during menstruation.

Therefore, many women experience discomfort and imbalance in connection with menstruation.

You can supply the lactic acid bacteria with ellen® Probiotic Tampon. Used just like a regular tampon and the body only absorbs as much lactic acid bacteria as it needs.

Add probiotics with intimate créme

Excessive intimate hygiene; stress; hormone changes and vaginal yeast infection, are some factors that can affect the intimate health and have the vagina feel dry and cause swollen mucous membranes that can bleed.

ellen® Probiotic Intimate Crème contains moisturizing lactic acid bacteria and softening coconut oil, which is applied to the vulva and at the vaginal opening if necessary.

Takes up little space in the bathroom cabinet and holds up to 30 applications.