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The Beginner’s Guide


How to insert a tampon

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Step 1: Choose the right size

The first thing to consider when choosing a tampon, is to choose a size based on the menstrual flow. The size of the tampon has nothing to do with the size of the vagina.

The tampon should be thoroughly moistened and should not me removed if dry. It can damage the mucous membrane.

Do not choose a larger tampon so you can change it more rarely. The tampon should never be left inside for more than 8 hours.

The drops on the jar symbolize how much menstrual fluid the tampon absorbs.

Excessive bleeding

How much one bleed varies from woman to woman and can also vary for the same woman during a period.

Some women have very heavy bleeds without anything being wrong, but it may be good to visit a youth guidance center or health care center if you:

  • Have to get up in the middle of the night to change your menstrual product.
  • Bleed through your menstrual product, even though you have adjusted your menstrual product according to how heavy the bleed is.

Step 2: How to insert a tampon

Start by washing your hands. Pull the cotton cord a little to make sure it is properly attached.

You should touch as little as possible on the tampon before inserting it.

Place your finger on the bottom of the tampon, separate the labia and gently move the tampon upwards.

You know it is correctly inserted when you no longer feel the tampon.

Remove the tampon by pulling the cord.